Flammlachsbrett 500 x 175 mm (adaptor included)

R3,100.00 excl

With its size of 500×175 mm, this Flammlachsbrett was specially developed for smaller grils. While other Flammlachsbretts are very large, this is perfect for smaller fillet pieces or salmon strands.

The origin of flamed salmon is not fully known, but it is likely that it came from many different cultures. Salmon is prepared over an open fire in various countries and regions around the world and plays an important role in North American cuisine as well as in large parts of the Arctic regions. Each of these areas has its own unique techniques and recipes for grilling salmon.

In Europe at least, flamed salmon has its origins in Finnish cuisine, where salmon is grilled over an open fire on a piece of wood. Flamed (or planked) salmon is a traditional dish in Finland and an important part of Finnish culture and cuisine. The technique of grilling salmon stapled to a plank is simple but effective. The open flame gives the salmon a smoky flavour and a slightly caramelized crust. Flame-grilled salmon is a popular dish in Finland and is often served on special occasions and festivals.

Indeed a neat party trick at any braai…but do consider “staan rib” applying this technique, or flattened skirt or spider steak. You will be amazed with the smoky results!

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  • Variable tilt adjustment
    The entire flamed salmon board can be adjusted up and down so that the perfect distance from the embers can always be set.
  • Operation outside the heat zone
    The entire operation takes place outside the heat zone and the side operating handle is made of beech wood.
  • 100% stainless steel & beech
    All parts are made of 100% stainless steel and beech wood.
  • Can be used on any grill grate
    The attachment can be attached and fixed to any grill grate.
  • Can be completely dismantled
    The entire flamed salmon board system can be dismantled to fit into any grill or garden cupboard.
  • Extensive accessories
    This attachment can also be used as a plug fish holder.

Package includes:
1 x complete holding system
I x beech wood board with stainless steel retaining clip
1 x Wooden Handle
1 x Pack of Screws & Nuts

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