Universal adapter – Erdspieß

R1,300.00 excl

Universal holder with pointed ground spear. Suitable for Steckerlfisch (fish) & Flammlachs (flame salmon) holding systems

The ground spear for open fireplaces offers a variety of extraordinary possibilities. Open fire has always been fascinating and the rustic charm of a campfire is completed when it is used to prepare grilled food.


  • Applicable to any fireplace or fire bowl
    Universal holder with pointed ground spear made of triangular profile in stainless steel.
  • Compatible with any connector fish grill attachment from all manufacturers
    This ground spear fits all Steckerlfisch (fish) & Flammlachs (flame salmon) holding systems.
  • Universal perforation for screw connections of all kinds
    Thanks to universal perforation, other grill attachments can also be screwed on at any time.
  • All parts made of food-safe stainless steel
    Cleaning in the dishwasher thanks to high quality stainless steel.

Package includes:
1 x Stainless Steel Ground Spike
1 x catalog with combination products from our range

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