Universal Stand for Grillplatte

R1,300.00 excl

Universal stand for grill plate. Suitable for Steckerlfisch (fish) & Flammlachs (flame salmon) holding systems.

This stand for our Steckerlfisch attachments is something really new and extraordinary. Thanks to its geometry, all of our fish holders and flamed salmon systems can be positioned on the fire plate or grill plate. It offers a very firm hold and, like all of our products, is made of high-quality and exclusive stainless steel. No technical skills are required to set it up on the grill plate - just two wing nuts need to be tightened.


  • Fits on every grill plate
    Universal holder with two feet that stands firmly on any grill plate.
  • Can be installed without drilling
    The stand holds firmly to the grill plate. No drilling is necessary.
  • Professional quality
    3mm stainless steel, laser cutting and high precision processing.
  • Suitable for all brackets
    Thanks to the slotted holes one behind the other, any accessories can be screwed on.
  • Can be used on any grill plate
    The stand can be used on any plate and fits 100% to our holding systems.

Package includes:
1 x universal holder made of stainless steel.
2 x M6 stainless steel wing nuts.

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